Barbara Manning

Funny how lyrics about London are on this little album because that's where I am now. Just a month here which is moving faster than a Black Cab on Southwark Street, in a year which has both destroyed me and built me back up again. The Barbara Manning Saga is an eventful one. Those who under-stand my lyrics know the story.

This album was recorded while I was travelling for 11 months, leaving San Francisco after living there for 12 years. Everything fell apart. I had to hit the road. I decided to see the world, get to know my friends better, figure out where I belong. I sold or gave away most of my things. Lots of records gone and 5 guitars. It was liberating. All the rest of my things were packed in a little shed in the woods.

I lived in my van during the autumn of 1998, driving across America visiting National Parks and playing my heart out. That must be where I lost it. I drove down to Mexico to see the tequila sunrise. I flew to Germany just in time for my birthday and I spent a long cold winter writing these songs. I learned a lot about myself, about loneliness and friendship. About how much love I need to survive. Springtime hit me like a Llama prancing under a full moon. I started my favorite band, The Go-Luckys! We recorded these songs within the second month of forming. My power was restored! Flavio and Fabrizio saved me from being lost. I still don't know where I'll end up, but I know that I belong. Now together we will conquer the world!
Homeless where the heart is.
I dedicate this album to myself.

Barbara Manning,
July 28, 1999



Barbara Manning & the Go-Luckys!
»Homeless Where the Heart is«

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